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Israel Trip

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Israël trip / October 15 / October 25 , 2015′

report from

Mrs. Mercy van Anholt-Nicolas,

November 15, 2015


To the announcing of the Angel Gabriel to Mary….

The word of Jesus .. Playing time of Jesus.. To the teaching of Jesus up to

The captivity in Mount Gethsemane .. To the sorrow and pain.. Suffering in

The hands of Pilate , to the carrying of the Cross, to the place of Scull ..

Nailing  in the Cross.. And most of all because of great Love to Die in the Cross..

The Cross of Salvation and the greatest Love of all.

Exiting full of joy , so lucky and blessed, this was my heartbeat . Great feelings to see and blame my feet to the land of Holiness.

Wonderful feelings truly I will be ready to experience this great journey ever.

Welcome to the Land of Holy and exiting journey ever to great Land of many stories inherited by the whole world .. The yesterday, today and forever.

Oh, what a wonderful feelings to tell you , the real feelings of Joy , Happiness , Enjoyment , excitement of this chance given to me. To look foreword to one enjoyable successful and unforgettable journey to the Middle East with  all my heart proud to say, that this journey was sponsored by Oriental Assurance Corporation .

I’m so touched of this journey, can’t find the right words to say . All I can say is thank you. Deepest in my heart , thank you. Full of tense I want to fly, pull myself, out of the car and fly and escape from the heavy traffic of Edsa and rush to the Terminal.

Oops, finally!

I’m now inside the Terminal, started to look for a yellow and green color of ribbon tied up to the badge and hand carry and slowly getting in a very long queue  to the front desk for check-in and where queue  is getting shorter and shorter. We are now waiting with full excitement to pass the gate and to enter the plane. Food, drinks, soup and others served with satisfaction, I. May say, it’s good.

Plane landed in Dubai, to a shuttle bus , brought us to Terminal and wait for the next plane to bring us to Amman , terminal in Jordan. From here I saw many seats and like single beds style for people/passengers to sit or lie down , while waiting for their next flight or connecting flight. I may say what a luxury style of Terminal. Very relaxing and convenient to all who have to wait for many hours for their next plane.

Another exciting  moment , was to get into our tour bus to bring us to places with our friendly tour guide. Where the unforgettable of my life is about to begin. Mmmmm, what a great feeling inside me, mixed emotions from joy, can’t believe it’s happening , but very thankful .

Dry, dry and dry, this is the desert of Jordan. No plants, nor trees but only cattle. There are the tents of the Bedouins and their cattle.  The Bedouins the rich people of Jordan.

What a blessed day and time to see many places from the book of our ancestors Adam and Eve, Abraham and King David.

A great time to touch, not only see, with my naked eyes, the sacred places in the Bible or Book of Truth and greatness and pleasure of changes of modern city of Tel- Aviv, where modern big building for great business of the future rises up … The famous Diamond designer and cutter in the whole world. The many, many souvenirs shops too.

Solemnity, time of meditating, participating and carrying the Cross up to the place called Golgotha. Up to the place where they cleaned Jesus, before burying him to the new tomb. Where he lay for two days and rose up on the third day, Called the resurrection.  Chance to see the place of Lazarus, and his two sisters Martha and Maria, Tomb of David , who killed Goliath and became a King. A great King .

Happy to see the well of the Samaritan Woman where Jesus asked for water to drink. Place of Maria ever Virgin, place of where Jesus asked the tax collector to get down from the fig tree. The fruit of this Fig tree, shaped and tasted like of, our guava.

The place of Temptation where Jesus is stayed in that mountain of Jericho for 40 days. Today build of Monastery of Nuns up there.

Sad to see the two Pillar, remain from the Castle of King Herod down below

The mountain where the Black Sea  lies. Spectacular to see the pink castle in Petra , where it was build inside of tall rocky mountains. But sorry to say, today, no one can come inside of the said Castle.

Sadness feelings to see the church, where Jesus wiped for the Israelites.

Sad As well as to see where Judas handed Jesus to the Romans in the Garden of Gethsemane or Mount of Olives.

The church of Agony where Holy Thursday in the evening as the disciples deep asleep came the Roman, to do their work of Captivity. Jesus stayed Himself and be pulled upward, from a small Hole above the Cave.

Great experience to be in the Sea of Galilee,where Jesus walked on the water in the presence of His disciples in the Dead Sea where that’s known for full of minerals, soulful

Iodine and potassium is a great. Medicine  for skin disorder. Like what Herod had.

Experience to have smooth skin after. Dipping  into the salty water,

Of the Dead Sea. Today many business firms rises up here.

Feeling sad and sorry. To see the remaining of the place of Siccarea .

Build on white Marvel by Herod and gave it to His son Philip. Today, only two or three Pillars standing. …

The Mosaic printed swimming pool. Or the remain. Some Pillar stand , no more .

The place where Jesus eat the pass over meals, with His 12 disciples, or known, the last supper. Which now turn into Eucharistic meal.

The Holiest Site for Judaism is the Wailing Wall , where men to the left and women to the right, in separate ways to cry out their prayers.

Big wish to see Jesus in Mount Tabor as he transfigurate and became glistering intensely white. As he talked to Moses and Elijah, with him was Peter, James and John. From Nazareth Jesus came to Nacapernaum .

Same time referred to as the city of Jesus.

So my friends, this was my Journey

Another excitement is waiting for next year .

Let us meet our dream going to another Land of where a great Loves grows.

Let’s all work hands in hand to travel once more again.

Let’s hit the road of success by working hard as one with all pleasure , Joy and Happiness I would like to give my thanks once again to ORIENTAL and Cotoco family. And looking forward for,another unforgettable memories to treasure.